Posted on December 15, 2016
We had tried our best to locate Marta’s mother through the connections we have in the area. Unfortunately, the only person we could reach was Marta’s aunt who was more than happy to take her in. a day after our team carried out the reunification, we learnt through the phone that Marta’s mother was at her sister in laws house and once again had her daughter in her arms. As it so happens, the woman/relative that trafficked Marta to Addis had been doing this for a while. The police of the area are currently building a case against her which will soon be taken to court.
Posted on December 15, 2016
Tena’s arrival back home was a joy to many. Tena herself, her family and everyone in the area was extremely happy to see her. although her mother and father are divorced and both have remarried, both welcomed her with open arms. Although Tena’s mother wasn’t able to make it to the actual reunification, her sisters and brothers vowed for her ability to take care of Tena. Because Tena chose to stay with her mother, her father took her in until her mother came to pick her up. Our team talked to both Tena and her mother on the phone after they got together and made sure that things had a happy ending.
Posted on November 17, 2016
After searching for a couple of months, our team was recently able to locate Selam’s older sister and aunt who live in Addis. Both were aware of Selam running away from her employers and were searching for her. Because her father is old, Selam chose to stay in Addis with her aunt. Her reunification took place at the Emmanuel House and everyone involved was very happy with the ending.
Posted on November 14, 2016
Sadly, Mandela’s return home wasn’t spectacular. His great grandmother, who heard about him running away from his aunt’s place had just passed and the whole family was in mourning. Some family members even blamed Mandela for her death. Mandela was also very sad to go back home to such bad news but he found comfort in the grandmother he loved so much. In collaboration with the elders in the area, our team helped resolve problems between Mandela and some of the family members.
Posted on November 9, 2016
After a stay of 2 months at the Emmanuel House, Abdi has been reunited with his uncle in Jimma. Throughout his stay, he had been receiving an all-inclusive support and his behavior has changed for the better. Abdi, while he was working on the streets of Addis was sending the money he earned to his uncle in Jimma, who was saving it for him. Abdi was very happy to see his uncle and plans to go to school while working with the small amount of money he has saved. His uncle notified Abdi’s mother and the rest of the family that Abdi is safe.
Posted on November 7, 2016
Haftom had learned a lot during his stay in Addis. Even before he came to the Emmanuel House, he realized that he was wrong to run away from home because of a minor disagreement with his mother. His stay with us, furthered his behavioral change and instilled character in him. his mother, who had tried all her best to find him was exceptionally happy to see him. the boy who run away from Mekele with Haftom had returned home and this had made his mother think the worst. Relatives and neighbors who shared her worry gathered up to celebrate Haftom’s return.
Posted on November 6, 2016
With the never-ending help of God, our team was able to locate Kidist’s sister who lives in Addis. She runaway when she realized that her sister was planning to send her back home. When she came to the Emmanuel House for the reunification, Kidist’s sister still planned to send Kidist back home. after learning about the various services we rendered to her during her stay with us, she agreed to give things another try. If she does decide to let her sister stay, NOLM has made a promise to take care of her educational costs.
Posted on November 6, 2016
Almaz’s wish came true when our team located her uncle/guardian living in Addis and reunified her with him. right from the start, she wanted to go back to him and his family and the only reason she came to the Emmannuel House was because she lost her way back to her uncle’s home after going out to church. Her uncle was also very happy to see her as the whole family had been looking for her and they were all relieved to see/hear that she was safe.
Posted on November 6, 2016
Bayush had been staying at the Emmanuel House for over 2 months. During her stay with us, our team in addition to providing holistic support to her, had been working on finding her guardian who lives in Addis. Bayush lost her way back home after going out to buy a few things from a nearby shop. Both Bayush and her guardian were very happy in the reunification.
Posted on November 6, 2016
Ever since her family heard that Beza had run away from her employer’s house in Addis, they had been doing all in their power to find her. although her family are poor, they pressured the man who brought her to Addis into selling his cattle and coming to Addis to look for her. when Beza was reunified with her family, the man was the happiest of all. Beza’s father and mother were also in a fight because Beza’s father didn’t approve of Beza coming to Addis in the first place. Beza’s return home resolved many disputes.