fatherly love

Abeba/Mahlet is the youngest of her parent’s children and was the only one living with her parents before coming to Addis. Because of this, her father was not happy with her leaving home and coming to Addis. Because the plan was for her to live with her sister, her mother didn’t oppose the idea. She’s been away from home for a total of 2years. Her family found out that Mahlet runaway from her sister’s only a week before our team headed there. Her mother immediately packed her bags and came to Addis to look for her daughter. Because of this, we weren’t able to see Mahlet and her mother reunite. When her father got a call from neighbors to tell him that his daughter was back, he was at a church taking on his usual prayer asking God to bring back home his daughter safely. Even neighbors were testifying as to how much her father was hurt because of the news about Mahlet. He always cried when he saw children her age and this was a very special day for him and everyone involved.