through time

Although Tigist lied to us about her mother’s whereabouts and her real name, the stories she told us about how she came to Addis and her stay here were all true. Because she kept giving us different addresses of her mother and father, we couldn’t easily find them and carry out her reunification. we were finally able to reach her father through the local police and he gave us her mother’s phone number. Tigist’s real name is Haregnesh. Her father first insisted that we reunify her with her mother but later called to ask if he could take her home. because Tigist wanted to be reunified with her mother, and she was living with her and her stepfather before coming to Addis, we thought it best that she goes back there. During her reunification at the EH, her mother explained to us that Tigist’s father had pressed charges against her and Tigist’s employer in Addis (her stepfather’s brother) after she went missing. Her mother was the most devastated after finding out that her daughter was missing. When she was separated from Tigist’s father, out of her 5 children, she only took Tigist with her to her new life. The reunification was overall a success except for the time spent looking for the family in all the wrong addresses the Tigist gave us.