Sweet Derartu

Derartu has been a part of the EH for almost 5 months. She has been in Addis for a total of 3years and stayed with her relatives for over 2 years. After she runaway from their house and went to the police, they had been looking for her at different areas before making their way to the police station that sent her to us. Because Derartu didn’t want to go back to living with them, when they contacted us, we told them that we would only give Derartu to her mother. Accordingly, Derartu’s mother came to the EH with her relatives and the reunification was carried out. Everyone who had the chance to spend time with Derartu admits that she is such a joy to be around. The meeting with her mother allowed us to have a discussion about Derartu’s future and that this is the age she should be in school at and not work.