a saved life

Delelech came to Addis on her own time and without her family’s blessing. When she asked to come to Addis with a lady, her father was furious with her. he felt this was an insult to the life he was working very hard to provide for her. nonetheless, he wrote down the family’s address and told her to come back home if anything went wrong. It took Delelech some time to tell our team the exact whereabouts of her family. After hearing what her father had to say, we think Delelech might have felt guilty and didn’t want her father’s “I told you so” attitude. Her father on the other hand, after hearing news of her disappearing from her employers, sold his cattle and came to Addis to look for her. because the lady who brought her to AA was not willing to help him look for her, he spent most of his money on hotels and went back home when he finished his money. Right around the time our team showed up, the family was preparing to take action against the lady who brought Delelech to Addis because they were sure that she gave Delelech as a sacrifice to some sort of cult. They never thought they’d see their daughter again. Delelech’s return literally saved a lady’s life and destruction of unspeakable volume.