an angel of a guardian

Mitu’s story is very touching. She was raised by an old lady who found her in the forest. Although the lady’s economic condition wasn’t great, she still chose to share from the scarce resources she had to raise this bright young lady. When Mitu turned 15, she decided it was time for her to repay her mother’s debt by trying to support her. she came to Addis for work but because her employer kept giving her tasks that were way beyond her capacity, she runaway. The lady, hoping to escape from any question that would be raised, called Mitu’s family and told them that she runaway and stole a lot of money from her. Mitu’s mother was devastated to hear that her only daughter was lost. When she saw Mitu and our team, she cried saying that she felt she first saved her from monsters in the woods, raised her and then gave her to other monsters. She was so glad that she was safely back home. in her own words, even though she doesn’t have much to offer Mitu, she prefers to starve to death together rather than let her out to earn money. Seeing the economic state this family is in, we have proposed to support Mitu’s educational costs for the coming school year. Mitu is a brave, bright girl and we wish her all the best.