We were very disappointed to find out the true story of Zerihun. His real name is Yishak and this is his 10th time running away. The story he told us about coming to Addis with his brother is a complete lye. He came to Addis to give life with his uncle a try. His family sent him here because he gave them a hard time running away for no apparent reason. Hoping he’d stick around with his uncle, and maybe even go to school, his father thought he was affording him the best option by sending him to the city. Unfortunately, Yishak’s running away has turned into a habit and coming to Addis didn’t stop him from doing so. His uncle didn’t tell anyone that Yishak was missing and his family were very surprised to see him. although finding out that his stay at the Emmanuel House didn’t make him change his mind and tell us the truth was hard, our team’s only option was to leave him with his family even though we suspected his behavior hasn’t changed much. Our only resort now is to pray for change in his behavior/life.