achieved goal

The plan when Hermela first joined the Emmanuel House was to giver her and her mother a chance at a better relationship without any interference. We are all so happy to have witnessed the changes in Hermela’s life in regard to her relationship with her mother and generally towards her character and outlook on life, as well as her communication skills. Her stay of almost 7months at the Emmanuel House wasn’t always fun. The EH was a new set up for her and she had hard time learning the rules of the house but she finally adjusted. Considering the circumstances, she was not homeschooled like the other children in the EH but rather was allowed to go to a formal school while living at the EH. The court that sent Hermela to the EH in the first place decided it was time for her to start living with her mother and so, she was reunified. Her mother was extremely joyous for all NOLM had done for her daughter and expressed her sincere gratitude. Now, Hermela is giving life with her mother another try and we hope all the counseling & prayer pays off.