a wish came true

Dasash’s wish was to go back to her aunt’s place in Addis. Because we didin’t think we’d be able to find her we first started our search in Dasash’s hometown. While talking with the police in her hometown, we also tried to find her aunt’s home in Addis but failed. A little while into her stay at the EH, we were able to reach her family back home and knowing that Dasash wants to go to her aunt’s they helped us contact her. when her aunt came to the EH to take Dasash, she explained to us that she went through a lot trying to find Dasash. Dasash went out to buy kerosene for home use and lost her way back. Although her aunt posted missing person fliers in her area, it was all in vain because Dasash was nowhere to be found. she contacted her family back home and told them what was going on. She was so happy to see her niece safe, out of harms way. Dasash kept crying and asking to go back to her aunt’s since the day she got to the EH so this was a happy reunification on everyone’s end.