unexpected reactions

Mamush and his 3 friends were trafficked from Weliso by a boy not much older than themselves. Before they were handed over to the buyers, people who suspected what was going on took them all to the police. Mamush and his friends were sent to the EH for temporary stay and eventual reunification. when the police station sent a letter to us stating that Mamush and his friends were no longer required to testify in court, our team started working for their reunification. Mamush’s family reacted in a way we never expected. His father was not willing to accept him back into the house. When we first contacted him through the phone, he explained to us that Mamush left home after stealing and selling 6 sheep that belonged to the family. Our team headed to their house with the local police because we anticipated their unwelcoming tone. Even when the police were present and told Mamush’s father that it was his responsibility to take his child back in, his father refused and told the police they can arrest him. this was an unpleasant experience for our social worker as well us all that were present there. Even the neighbors kept telling our team that Mamush is a bad boy and that we should invest our time and energy on someone else. Even though this is what everyone repeatedly said, our prayer is that the grace of God has changed Mamush forever and people around him will be able to see this. Although his father refused to take a picture with him or sign the appropriate papers stating that he has received his son from NOLM, he was willing for him to stay in the house. Agreeing with the local police that they will take over the follow up, our team headed on to the next reunifications.