a mother's pride & joy

Eshete is his mother’s pride and joy. Although she has 6 other children, the place she has for him in her heart is visible through her eyes. She was in extreme shock when Eshete and our team walked into her house. A day before we took Eshete back home, his mother was in Addis looking for her lost son. She explains that Eshete is her peace, blessing and pride. She further says that she went through a lot for her children and that his disappearance was a stab on her heart. she had always had hope in him and thinking that he had runaway triggered anger, disbelief and disappointment in her. Eshet’s return was a joy not only for his mother but everyone in the area. He was trafficked to Addis with 3 of his friends and people stepped in before the children were handed over to the buyers. Their trafficker was arrested and charged.