Dereje was not living with his parents before he was trafficked. He fled from home in the countryside and was living in Weliso while shining shoes. Although his father tried a couple of times to take him back home, Dereje refused. Meanwhile, Dereje and his 3 friends were trafficked to Addis. Dereje’s family were very worried because they heard rumors of Dereje coming to Addis for work. His father, sold cattle to come look for him in Addis and went back home after a week’s stay. Dereje was also very eager to go back home because he knew his family would come to visit him in Weliso and when they realized he was missing, would be very worried. He knew that his father, even when he was in Weliso tried everything to take him back home and once he realized he was missing, would blame himself for what happened. Dereje’s family had prepared themselves for the worst possible news and were happily surprised when they saw him back home.