a love for the city

Although his family is economically stable and can provide for him according to his wants and needs, Rijal doesn’t like living in the rural area. He likes everything about the city. That is why he suddenly left home and headed to Addis. He doesn’t know anyone here but all that he’s heard about Addis made him pack his bags. It was a good thing that he went to the police after he came to Addis or bad people could’ve done a lot of bad things to him. During his stay at the EH, Rijal has been part of rigorous lessons and prayer that we hope have changed his general outlook on life, education and family. With this in mind, he has been reunified with his family who welcomed him with such joy. Although he has been away from home now and then, he was never this far and never for this long. Because of this, no one thought he’d be back home safe. They were thinking that something bad had happened to him and that they’d never see him again. Because he is a great student, his family were upset that he skipped school.