a changed mind

Bereket was eager to find his father when he joined EH. Through his stay, through all that he learned about family and values, he changed his mind about wanting to go back to his grandparents who raised him in the first place. His grandmother kneeled down and started kissing the ground once she laid eyes on Rijal. She was screaming and shouting asking him what she did wrong and why he left her in the dark all by herself. It was a truly touching reunification process. We learned that Bereket made friends with street children and that his grandmother forbid him not to hang out with those who are a bad influence on him. this was why he runaway. The lessons he learned at the EH we hope, have changed his life for good. His older brother is also living on the streets of Jimma. It is our prayer that Bereket’s return will capture his brother’s attention and their whole family will be reunited.