a short stay

Lenda came to the Emmanuel House for temporary stay and eventual reunification. because she had a court case, we were expecting her to stay a while. Despite all she’s been through at such a young age, she was such a sweet, fun & humble little girl. We all loved and cared for her so much. Sadly, her stay at the EH was short because the police station that sent her to us requested that she be moved to an organization closer to the station so that it would be easier for them to monitor. Because the officers who came to take her came to us with the right paperwork, we couldn’t deny their request. We do not know the progress of Lenda’s court case or how she is doing at the new organization but hope to find out soon. In the short time she was with us, we witnessed enormous changes in her arritude towards life in general and hope this growth keeps happening wherever she goes. Please keep praying for Lenda.