divine intervention

Sweet Loza was a joy to have at the Emmanuel House for a short period of almost 3 months. Although her stay was short, when compared to other children with court cases, it was enjoyable and meaningful. Loza added so much color to the EH and got so much more in return. We believe, her life has changed for the better because of the word of God she heard, for the first time at the Emmanuel House. She no longer wanted to live with her father and she went to her aunt’s home and the family sewed her father for neglect. She was sent to us until her court case was settled. Because her father is a lawyer and knows the system, everyone was scared that he’d somehow find a way to take Loza back. All Loza wanted was a normal life with her aunts and nothing more. Because we’ve seen a lot of court cases, we anticipated that Loza would probably stay with us a while. That is one of the reasons why we see the court’s decision as a miracle and an answered prayer. What Loza went through, while waiting for the court to come to a decision, the anxiety, the overwhelming fear of going back to her father, the hope… can not be explained in words. But with God’s help, she is finally somewhere where she wants to be and where she belongs.