Our Reputation

When our team arrived to Kidist’s hometown, we were greeted with extreme joy and enthusiasm. Everyone in town was aware of Kidist running away from her employer’s house in Addis, so it was a welcome home party as soon as people recognized her. In addition, our team had reunified another child in the town before, and people who took part in that reunification recognized our team. We were showered with elilta (shouts of joy) and blessings from the elderly the moment we got off the bus. It was the day to go the market, however, so Kidist's mother was not home right when Kidist returned, but the good news of her daughter's arrival traveled fast, and she got home just after Kidist and our team. This reunification was very special because it showed us how much of a reputation NOLM has had because of previous reunifications in the area. Although Kidist stayed with us at Emmanuel House for quite a while after running away, her family immediately welcomed her back home without a single question. Kidist’s return brought renewed joy to every member of the family, and we are happy to have played such a significant role in Kidist's family.