A Mother in a Guardian

Bilal stayed with us at Emmanuel House for a month. While with us, he had very good behavior, a humble personality and was a very good example to the other children. At the age of 2, his parents separated and he had been living with his guardian. Bilal's guardian was a compassionate woman who saw that his father was having a hard time raising Bilal by himself, and asked to take Bilal and raise him as her own. Not only that, she would even take care of his father when he would come and ask for a helping hand. She was married and had 4 kids of her own to take care of when she took in Bilal, but welcomed him into her home as if she had no others. When he was older, Bilal asked for the permission of his guardian to go and look for his mother. He found that she had a new family and that her husband wanted nothing to do with him. As he was trying to find his way back home, he lost his way and the local authorities found him, and brought Bilal to us. Despite the economic challenges they were facing, his family that had taken him in were still overjoyed to see Bilal. In the future, we hope to provide Bilal assistance in his schooling considering everything that his guardian has done for him.