Little Kumeshi

Kumeshi originally came to Addis with her aunt to get a job, but unbeknownst to her, her aunt had other plans in mind. Her father told us that her aunt, who came from abroad, actually wanted to vacation in Addis, and thought it would do Kumeshi some good to bring her along. Because she had to go elsewhere, she left Kumeshi with the people with whom they were staying. When her aunt came back on the 3rd day, Kumeshi had runaway because of a fight she had had with another girl in the house. Her aunt was too ashamed to see Kumeshi’s father, and after trying to find her without success, she went back abroad. Since then, Kumeshi’s father has taken several trips Addis to look for his daughter. When our team contacted him on the phone, he didn't believe us. He had lost all hope of seeing his daughter alive again. He didn't truly trust our words until the minute we took Kumeshi back home and he held her in his arms. He had even talked to her many of times while she was at Emmanuel House, but that wasn’t enough. Her return had restored the joy and peace of her family.