Ishmael, a boy who ran away from his home to come to Addis in search of a new life, left Emmanuel house to go back to his family. At first, when he came to us, he told us that his parents were dead. He took all the necessary precautions to avoid his family finding him, including changing his name, his father’s name, his area, and everything he could think of. His reasoning for his disappearance was that other kids his age had told Ishmael he could get a job in Addis. His parents had by no means been expected his disappearance, although Ishmael had told his cousin of his plans. All of the counseling, prayer, and lessons he learned with us was enough to change his mind and share the truth of his time in Addis with us. His parents were overjoyed to see their son again, even though Ishmael had feared their reaction upon finding him.