A Coincidence

While we were on our way to reunify a child, we happened to come across a photo of Derartu (a girl staying with us at Emmanuel House) attached to a missing person flier on the streets of Ambo. We reached out and ended up talking to her mother. This came as a big surprise because Derartu had told us that she had been living with her stepmother. We believe her reasoning for lying to us was to attain sympathy and let her stay with us for longer, while leading us to think that her stepmother was a bad person. When our team came back to Emmanuel House and talked to Derartu, we learned that she also lied to us about why she came to Addis. She told us that she didn’t have a concrete reason for running away from home. Her mother, having no idea about her daughter’s whereabouts or her safety, had fallen sick for a month after Derartu’s disappearance. When she heard from our team on the phone, it was a miracle. She had been searching everywhere for her daughter, leaving no stone unturned. She was filled with gratitude for the second chance to spend time with and show affection to her daughter, all thanks to a coincidence.