Sweet Dasash

Dasash’s family were aware that she was missing from her employer’s house in Addis. They never supported her idea to come to Addis and work and were very sad and angry to hear that it didn’t work out for her. since this was her first time away from home, they were all very worried about her but had no hope except for praying and wishing for the best. At first, Dasash was crying almost every day, asking our team to take her back home because she missed her family. Unfortunately, because of the current situation in the country and due to the closing of the roads leading to her hometown, we were unable to make her wish come true. A few days into her stay at the Emmanuel House, she calmed down, made friends with everyone here and realized that we couldn’t take her home right away for reasons that were beyond our control. Dasash was a sweet girl, even though it’s for a short time, lit the EH with her contagious smile. She will be missed.