a 3 year stay

Weditu was sent to us by the Gulele sub-city police department for reunification. although we tried to find her family, both in person and through the local police, our efforts failed. We (NOLM team & Weditu) finally decided it was in her best interest to join a vocational training and eventually support herself. Accordingly, she took an 8-month training, graduated and has been working for the past year. We’ve witnessed a lot of change in Weditu’s life over the past 3 years. Knowing that we’ve equipped her with all we can, it was time for Weditu to start a new chapter of her life. She moved out of the Emmanuel House and has started living on her own. NOLM has provided all the necessary things in terms of material and mental readiness. Weditu has promised to make us all proud. We know we will see her someplace big one day. We ask that you please keep praying for Weditu.