Shambel & his uncle

it’s been 6years since Shambel left home and started living with his uncle. He moved after his parent’s separation. Shambel moved again a short while ago to his brother’s home in Addis. His stay at his brother’s was very short and he still hasn’t told us why he runaway. When our team went back to his hometown, we were not able to find either of his parents. People in the area told us that they’ve both been away and that no one knows their whereabouts. Luckily, we were able to find his uncle’s address. His uncle in Shino was very welcoming. He is economically stable to support Shambel and promised to treat him like his own. Although he doesn’t know the whereabouts of his brother, he was also willing to look for him and try to reunify Shambel with his parents. Until then, Shambel will be staying with his uncle and his family.