Israel & his loving grandmother

After our team traveled about 200km to locate Israel’s family, he came out with the truth. His family are living in Addis and he only heard about Shewarobit from his conversations with his grandmother. He cooperated with us and told us his grandmother’s number. When we called his grandmother with news of Israel, she fainted and we had to talk to someone else until she settled down. We went to her home the next morning, to find out that Israel had run away from home a dozen times before but never for this long. His grandmother couldn’t stop crying when she saw him. she was upset with him but at the same time, couldn’t hide her love, her worry and relief that he was found. She explained that she was in the middle of a big fight with her son (Israel’s father) because of his disappearance. The whole family, including neighbors were very happy to see him. we hope and pray that Israel’s behavior changes for the better because we’ve seen the love his grandmother has for him and how his misbehavior is hurtful to her.