Kenenisa & his mother

Kenenisa had told us that he came to Addis to explore the city and go back home. in truth, Kenenisa came to Addis as he was following his uncle who was headed to Jimma to where his mother lives. Kenenisa wanted to meet his mother and because his uncle refused to willingly take him, he chose to follow him and get there himself. Kenenisa’s father and aunt, when they saw that Kenenisa wasn’t around, asked their brother if he had seen him or if he took him to Jimma with him. somehow, his uncle chose to lie to his brother and sister. Kenenisa’s family thought he was safely home with his mother in Jimma because they were misinformed by his uncle. Kenenisa is finally home with his aunt, who was exceptionally happy to see him. because of his father’s financial problems, he had been living with his grandparents, uncles and aunts before he came to Addis.