Mihretu's Return

It wasn't that long ago when Mihretu joined the Emmanuel House. A few days after his arrival here, he and one of his friends (they knew each other from their stay at a juvenile correctional facility) were plotting for a way to run away from the Emmanuel House. When the team asked Mihretu and the other boy why they wanted to run away, Mihretu said that he wanted to go back home quickly. Having Mihretu stay at the Emmanuel House any more posed a danger so we had to send him home without providing that much psychosocial and/or spiritual support. Sadly, his mother passed away after he left home and we had to take him to his aunt's house. His aunt then took him to his grandmother with whom he wanted him to be reunified with in the first place. His grandmother called the Emmanuel House to let us know he was safely with her and to thank us for the services rendered. His aunt said that Mihretu has a habit of running away so we pray that he sticks around this time.