Mekdes Is Home

Keeping Mekdes at the Emmanuel House for more than a month was not ideal because she didn’t want to go back home in the first place. During her stay with us, she received all of the necessary psychosocial support services we offer. Although we have our doubts about her staying back home with her mother, we had to take her back home anyway. When our team met with her mother, it was hard to put the stories we heard from Mekdes together with what we saw. Her mother was very happy to see her. Although she was ill and in bed at the time, her joy was still evident. We saw, instead, that Mekdes was the one who wasn’t happy to be back home and was giving her mother a hard time. You might recall that Mekdes asked if she could stay in Addis with a lady who wanted to hire her. We hope Mekdes will remember what we taught her at Emmanuel House and try to stay at home with her mother.