It has only been a couple of weeks since Habtamu and his brother Omer joined the Emmanuel House. They were previously suspected of theft and were at a juvenile correctional facility. Although they received counseling both at the correctional center and at the Emmanuel House, there was no visible change in their personality/behavior. Because Habtamu was caught while plotting to run away from the Emmanuel House with another boy, we thought it best to reunify them before they had a chance to implement their plan. When we arrived at Habtamu and Omer’s hometown (Shashemene), we were disappointed to find that no one was home. We had to take them to their aunt’s home in town and there reunify them with their cousin who promised to later take them home to their mother. Sadly, we found out that it was not their first encounter with breaking the law. They have been through the system before but no change has come in their behavior. After hearing what their family had to say, we reminded them about all they’ve learned at the Emmanuel House, prayed for them, and went on our way.