Date of Admission: 
June 18, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
prayer & counseling

Zinet is form Ilubabur. She came to Addis 4 days ago. She’s been in a town called Tulu Bolo for work before and headed back home for Ramadan. She was planning to go back to Tulu Bolo to the house of her previous employers but brokers found her and convinced her that they’d get her a better paying job in Addis. Zinet liked the idea of earning more money so she hopped on a bus with them and came to Addis. After they arrived, the men told Zinet that they were taking her to another city in the Amhara region. Because Zinet refused to go there, the men took her notebook and destroyed phone numbers she had and told her to go wherever she likes. Zinet somehow found her way to the police and ended up at the Emmanuel House the next day. We talked to her and realized that she is working because of the influence of her mother and not for economic reasons. We hope to talk to her mother during the reunification to increase the chance of Zinet sticking around home.