Date of Admission: 
August 16, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Counseling, prayer & bible lessons

Yoseph is from Bulihora. If what he says is true, he came here 5years ago because he had nowhere else to go. After his mother’s death, he had been living with neighbors until they became tired of providing for him. at age 7, he came to Addis hoping he could find some kind of work and support himself. Although his father is still alive, he hasn’t had contact with him and all he knows is that he has remarried and lives somewhere around DIla. Yoseph has been living on the streets of Addis for the past 5years. When finally, police came to his rescue, they sent him to us for temporary stay. They are trying to find him a permanent home and he will rehabilitate at the EH in the meantime.