Date of Admission: 
November 01, 2017
Greatest Needs: 
Counseling & prayer 

Wagaye thinks it’s been 5 years since she came to Addis. She came here with her cousin who promised her good education. She says that’s the only reason she’s here if it wasn’t for the promise of a better education, her father would have never sent her to Addis. She hasn’t been to school all these years but instead, she’s been taking care of her cousin’s children and their house. Wagaye had enough and decided to run away when her relative punished her for not taking the children’s mattress out on the sun. a lady who found her on the street wanted to raise her but the police sent her to us for reunification. because she’s been away from home a while and she’s somehow grown accustomed to the city life, going back home might be hard for her but we hope to teach her ways she can cope and adopt.