Date of Admission: 
March 30, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Love, affection & prayer

Amarech and Tizita are both from Debelso. A lady in their area was the one who gave them money and a phone number of a man who was to meet them in Awassa and get them a job in Addis. After they sneaked out of the house early in the morning, the lady took them into her house. We think she did this to check the reaction of their families. On the third day, she took Amarech & Tizita and got them onto a bus that was headed to Awassa. When they got off the bus in Awassa, the man was waiting for them as promised. They immediately made their way to Addis and begun their work. Soon after that, they realized they made a huge mistake in coming here and asked their employers to take them back home. when the employers refused, Tizita tried to run away. Realizing that they were serious about going back home, the employers took the both of them to the police. they’ll be spending Easter with the NOLM family, for the first time away from home.