Tigist G

Date of Admission: 
August 10, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Behavioral counseling, prayer & bible lessons

Tigist is from Amuru. She came to Addis with her father to help her stepmother get better health care at a hospital in Addis. Unfortunately, towards the end of their stay in Addis, Tigist had a big fight with her father and decided to stay behind when they headed back home. she’s lived with her uncle before and her father was the one who took her back home when her mother was ill and was about to die. After her mother’s passing, Tigist and her 7siblings have been living with their father and stepmother. Her father has so many problems when it comes to his children, Tigist says. She’s been kicked out of the house a couple of times and she had to stay with relatives until her father came to his senses. If possible, she wishes to go back to living with her uncle in Metu.