Tigist D

Date of Admission: 
April 03, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Family inclusive counseling & prayer

Tigist is originally from Gojam. After her parent’s separation, her mother remarried and moved to Arsy. Tigist went to Arsy with her mother and stepfather and stayed with them for 2 years before coming to Addis for work. Tigist says she’s not the only one in foreign land, working. 4 of her siblings are also working in areas she doesn’t specifically know. Tigist came to Addis as a nanny to her stepfather’s brother’s family. When the baby fell and the people punished her, she runaway. After police found her somehow, Tigist had been lost in the system and has been at another organization for over a year. Now, she is at the Emmanuel House and is sure that she will soon see her long lost family.