Tigist B

Date of Admission: 
July 26, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
family inclusive counseling, prayer & bible lessons

Tigist has been away from home for 3 years. All this time, she hasn’t had any contact with her family. Tigist has an older sister in Addis who is also employed but she hasn’t met with her either. A couple of times, she asked to go back home to her family but because everyone who came from her hometown refused to take her back, she kept silent and continued working. When she finally had a fight with her employer and she kicked her out, she gave her a 100birr for transport and that her salary of 4months was given to her mother. Because Tigist was fed up, she didn’t even bother to ask for her money. She just left. People who found her took her to the police and Tigist found her way to the Emmanuel House.