Date of Admission: 
July 26, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
family inclusive counseling & prayer  

Tarikae is from Bonga. She left home because her mother thought it was a good idea for her to live in Addis with a relative and maybe earn some money. Her father wasn’t exactly happy with it but she was sent here anyway. Tarikae’s older sister is also employed in a household in Bonga. Tarikae wasn’t happy with her few days stay at her employer/relative’s house in Addis. She often fought with and was punished by them so she runaway. Tarikae was lucky that it was the police who found her wondering on the streets. She was soon taken into a station and then sent to us for short stay and eventual reunification. we feel there is a need to do a family intervention because Tarikae’s parents have sent a couple of children out for employment at such an early age.