Date of Admission: 
July 11, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
prayer & bible lessons

Shewaye was raised by her grandmother. She never knew her mother or father. Her father passed away before she was even born and her mother soon after her birth. Shewaye left her grandmother in tears when she left home with her brother 15days ago. She came to Addis to work during her school break and go back home for New Year and join grade 9. She says her grandmother was literally begging her not to go but her brother insisted that she sees the outside world. After coming to Addis and starting work, she was infuriated by her employers and asked to go back home. they called her cousin who was so busy with his own job that he told her the way to the bus station and told her to go back home on her own. Shewaye was lost and started crying so strangers approached her and took her to the police. she is scared that her grandmother will dye of disappointment because of the way she left her alone.