Date of Admission: 
July 26, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Bible lessons & pray 

Serke arrived in Addis about 2 weeks ago. She had a fight with her parents and was wondering on the streets of Addis Zemen when a lady talked to her about coming to Addis. The lady, who has a sister in Addis talked to people who were on their way here and paid for Serke’s transport. When the bus got to Addis, the lady’s sister was already waiting for her at the station. Serke soon joined the lady and her family. The lady’s husband who wanted Serke to join school decided to take her to the police before he started her registration process. Luckily, the police refused to send Serke back to that family but instead, sent her to us so that we’d find her family and reunify her. Serke has realized she made a big mistake and is ready to apologize and make up with her parents.