Date of Admission: 
June 20, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Family inclusvie counseling, prayer & bible lessons

Mulu has been in Addis for 4 years. She’s been living/working for a relative. Her arrival to Addis was a total surprise because no one told her where she was going or why. Her mother and cousin talked and her mother told her to get ready. That’s all she knew and coming to Addis was a big surprise to her. At first, she was happy because there wasn’t much to do around the house, the family respected and treated her well, she joined school and enjoyed life. As time went by, things started to change. She was withdrawn from school because she had more to do at home and the attitude of everyone towards her started to change. Finally, after a fight with someone, Mulu decided to run away. She went straight to a church and asked help in finding the police. Mulu is entertaining the idea of going back home very well.