Date of Admission: 
July 10, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Guidance & prayer

This innocent young boy’s name is Melaku. He came to Addis 2weeks ago to witness all the good things he’d heard back home himself. He though it’d be easy to get a job and earn money. He stole money for transportation from his parents and headed straight to Addis. After he came, he spent 3days on the streets because people he asked for a job thought he was an imposter trying to rob them and dismissed him. on the 4th day, a kind lady who saw that he was very hungry and thirsty took him to her house, fed him, cleaned him and took him to the police. after sharing stories with the children at the Emmanuel House, he has decided to go back home and never look back. He regrets not going to school when his father begged him to. He says he never realized the importance and rather focused on earning money.