Date of Admission: 
June 28, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Counseling & prayer

Meheret has been through a lot at such a young age. She was forced to leave her parents and live with her uncle’s family because her father was a drunk. Although things were better at her uncle’s they soon became unbearable so she fled his house and made her way to Addis. Imagine what state she was in when she didn’t give it a second thought to come to Addis without a single place to go to. She then took shelter at a local church and has been there for a while. She was then taken to the police by a lady who was attending church. Meheret says her mother was separated from her father and moved to Awassa. While at her uncle’s she heard news of this and asked if she could go live with her mother but her grandparents refused telling her that alligators in Awassa would eat her. although she wants her mother, Meheret is scared of “the alligators” and prefers to go back home to her father. If her father’s drinking habits have not changed, we will asses other options for reunification.