Date of Admission: 
June 20, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Counseling & prayer

Mahlet is from Bale Robe. Back home, she was living with her father and stepfather. She’s been away from home once before and endured a lot of hardship before going back home. she went away to try and find her mother who disappeared after her separation with Mahlet’s father. After catching word of what had happened to Mahlet, her mother suddenly showed up and took Mahlet to her new home in Shekiso. She lived with her mother for a year and a half before she sent her back to her father. After a while, Mahlet grew tired of all the things that were going on in her home and decided to run away. This time, she headed straight to Addis hoping to start a new life. Unfortunately, this time also she went through a lot before getting to the police. she desperately wants to find her mother but is willing to go back home to her father as well.