Date of Admission: 
March 02, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
prayer, bible lessons & counseling

Loza is the sweet girl who joined the Emmanuel House late last week. She’s been living with her father since she was 2 years old. Her mother and father divorced and the court ruled for Loza to live with her father. Her father knows how the system works and that is probably why he won full custody. Loza’s mother went abroad about 5 years ago and she’s only talked to her on the phone when her father allowed it. About a year before her mother left the country, Loza’s father joined some sort of cult. Ever since, he’s been changing and has put Loza’s health at risk a couple of times. Although her aunts wanted to take her, they couldn’t. finally, Loza had it up to her neck and runaway. She was at her aunt’s for about a week. The family has pressed charges against her father for neglect. Everyone is scared that he knows the system so well and will find a way to take Loza back. Her case is still in process and we hope the court will rule in Loza’s favor and she’ll find a new home with her aunts. Please pray for this young girl and her future.