Date of Admission: 
May 02, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Prayer, love & affection

Kiya is from Jijila. She came to Addis a couple of months ago with a woman who is related to her by marriage. She was promised a better education and life when she came here. Before she settled down and got to enjoy her new life, her employer’s brother stole some money. Kiya saw him stealing but couldn’t say a thing about it because he threatened her. when her employer found out that the money was gone, she confronted her brother and he pointed his fingers at Kiya. That was why Kiya was kicked out of the house. Kiya walked all day before she collapsed on the streets and people came to her rescue. A kind lady took her in and she spent the night there, rested, had some food and was taken to the police the next morning. Kiya had always lived with her grandparents, even before her father’s death 7months ago.