Date of Admission: 
December 14, 2017
Greatest Needs: 
Medical attention, counseling & prayer

Kalkidan is originally from an area called Chebi. Her father brought her to an area called Legedady when she was 6 years old and gave her to her grandmother. Soon after, Kalkidan asked to come to Addis and live with her aunt. She’s been living here for almost 3 years. Recently, her aunt spilled hot water on her as a form of punishment. Although she tried to hide her burnt skin and pain, her teachers noticed this and took her to the police. Kalkidan was admitted into a hospital for 3 days before coming to the Emmanuel House. Her aunt’s husband was trying to interfere and the police sent her to us for temporary stay. Kalkidan doesn’t have family except for her grandmother in Legedady. She doesn’t want to go back there because she will not be able to continue her education. We don’t have a solution for this right now but we pray for God’s guidance in solving this case.