Date of Admission: 
March 20, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Counseling & prayer

Genet is from Qobo area. She came to Addis 4 days ago to look for her mother’s cousin. She was raised by her grandparents because her parents disappeared from town soon after Genet was born. They disappeared because they gave birth to Genet before they were wed and that, in the culture of the area was not acceptable. Genet, who has always been a good student was promised an education in Addis once she reached grade 7, by her mom’s cousin. When she tried to contact him, his number was out of reach and Genet decided to come to Addis and look for him herself. Unfortunately, she lost his number and Addis is not as small as she had imagined. She’s scared that her grandmother is probably very worried and will kill her saying she turned out to be just like her mother. We will intervene to help her grandmother understand what really happened and hope her reunification will be a nice one.