Date of Admission: 
March 26, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Bible lessons & prayer

Semira and Foze came to the Emmanuel House together. They run away from a household in Adama because they were scared of the consequence of ruining a traditional stove. Foze is originally from Jimma. After her father’s death, she was living with her stepmother. Her stepmother was the one who gave her up to her employer in Adama. Although they agreed on a payment, Foze hasn’t received any payment while she was working for them for 7 months. After they runaway, a stranger took them to a traffic police (to whom they explained why they run away and where they want to go) who in turn instructed the man to bring them to Addis and hand them over to the police. they spent 2 days at the police station in Addis and were then sent to us.