Date of Admission: 
April 23, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Bible lessons & prayer

Eshete came from Weliso with 3 of his friends and an older guy from their area. He promised them a job after they get to Addis and as they were making their way to the new job, people who were suspicious of many young boys traveling together asked where the guy was taking them. Then, things got heated and the whole taxi ended up at a police station. The guy who brought them to Addis admitted that he was going to sell them and there was no job waiting for them here. He was then arrested and Eshete and his friends were sent to the Emmanuel House for temporary stay and eventual reunification. Eshete was a 5th grade student back home and apparently the only one in the family who takes his education seriously. In his spare time, he shines shoes to support his mother in providing for their big family of 7.