Date of Admission: 
May 08, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Family inclusive counseling & prayer

Three Siblings, Ashenafi, Meheret & Eldana joined the Emmanuel House this week. Their mother was arrested because she couldn’t pay for house rent and has a debt of 5 months rent. Even when their mother was working, Meheret had to sell chewing gum on the streets to support the need of her siblings. According to Ashenafi, their mother has always had some sort of mental illness. After their mother’s arrest, they took shelter with a kind lady and all three worked to earn money for food. They’ve been living like this for the past month. Although they were happy with the lady who took them in ( she’s friends with their mother & used to help her in desperate times), they had to move to the Emmanuel House because the police will have more access to them here. We are hoping to help address their mother’s mental health issue once she gets out. Please pray for these lovely children. They are lovable, sweet, lovely to be around and energetic.